Friday, April 24, 2009

Marketing Savvy

I just got a text message from Guinness, inviting me to join — him? it? — for a pint at the Irish Village after work (a block away from my office). 

A flurry of questions and thoughts sprang to mind:

1. What, are they reading my mind now?

2. That's pretty ingenious. 

3. And yet another example of life in our Crazy New World. 

4. In the span of 20 minutes I received happy hour invites from a good friend... and a beer. Granted, my favorite beer, but really just a marketing or brand rep from a giant corporation. I'm not even sure what to make of that, but it's a strange juxtaposition, right?

5. Finally, isn't this a slippery slope? I mean I love Guinness, and I'm typically a big proponent of a trip to the pub, but do people really need that extra nudge to go boozing? What if Johnnie Walker sent someone a text at 3pm on a Tuesday saying, "Hey fella, been a tough day, hasn't it? A smooth glass of blended whiskey would really take the edge off right now. Why don't you come whet your whistle at the (insert name of bar down the street)."

Anyway, I guess it falls under the banner of "event marketing" and not "corporate-sponsored alcohol abuse" since they're promoting the ceremonial first pour of a 250th Anniversary Stout. (Yum.) 


  1. Kind of weird for sure! But maybe we don't need to worry (much) until the texts say things like, "Screw your Sponsor, Bill! I'M YOUR REAL FRIEND! xo, Johnnie Walker©"


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