Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Cold Pizza Conundrum

Like many of you out there, my wife loves cold pizza. I, however, do not. I don't know what my deal is; perhaps my years of suckling at the school cafeteria's teat (it was just as gross as it sounds) left me conditioned to eat a hot lunch each day. But anyway, when we have pizza leftovers for lunch, she's all set, while I'm at the mercy of whatever heat source I can find. 

At work, that amounts to a microwave, which in turn amounts to a hot sludge of chewy dough and tomato sauce for lunch. (For the record I still prefer said sludge to cold pizza.)

So, here's my question: what's with no toaster ovens? There are like 900 people here! My last workplace didn't have them either. I mean, I get that they're a bit of a fire hazard; I understand why we couldn't keep them in our dorm rooms at school. (Odds of the oft-inebriated populace of freezing-cold Syracuse, NY, trying to stuff socks, hats, limbs, etc. inside their toaster ovens? Alarmingly high.) 

But come on, this is an office building! We're all grown ups here, are we not? 

I guess I'll eat my hot sludge and like it. Actually, come to think of it — Tuesday was pizza day in elementary school, and it didn't look much different! Yum. 

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