Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day

...as sung to the A-Team theme song:

O-pening Day! 
Oh-pen-ing Day
O-pen-ing Day! 
Oh-peh-nee-ing Day
(repeat ad nauseam)

So, yeah, I get that in my head about once a year. But this year, it's happened twice, since the opener was rained out yesterday. Honestly, can you imagine the caliber of politicking and/or bribery that takes place behind the scenes at MLB to allow a season opener in Boston (or any other cold-weather city)? Especially when we're playing TAMPA! It's not like they had to pick the warmer option between Boston and Cleveland. They could have played yesterday's game, and today's, in Florida — indoors nonetheless! Instead, Josh Beckett will be pitching through full body numbness and the Fenway Faithful will be drinking themselves into, or perhaps out of, hypothermia. 

But in any event... baseball's back, and therefore so is spring (whether it's obvious or not), and for the second time in three days I find myself trying not to throw up from all the excitement. 

Play ball!

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