Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Sunny Day is Gift Enough

You may as well know, today's my birthday. Hooray for me! Anyway what's funny is that I had almost as many "Happy Birthday" emails from quasi-spam mailing lists as from actual friends this morning. Check it out:

I mean, even "Medianext Cron User" wished me well — just how many mailing lists am I on? And this doesn't count all the other birthday emails I got two days ago, since I often give a fake birth date when I sign up for stupid stuff. 

Anyway, a big thank you to all you real people who've sent kind emails and sweet phone calls my way. I'm grateful to have made it to Larry Bird territory with all of you in my life. (Sorry, getting mushy!) 

Since birthdays — and, well, blogs — are ripe opportunities for a little self indulgence, today's WOL Wednesday will be a pop quiz about yours truly. Ready? 

1. I'm turning ___ years old today. 

2. In college I majored in _____ but grew disillusioned with the industry after watching ____ games. 

3. My excise tax bill estimates the value of my 2004 Kia Rio to be $____. 

4. The number ___ can be linked to Syracuse, Barack Obama, and my address in North London circa 1998.

5. There are ___ people who will read this. 

(Answer key: 1. 33; 2. Advertising, NFL; 3. 950; 4. 44; 5. 2, thank you both!)

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