Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Words and Music: Streetcorner Song

Perhaps you've caught on to the fact that I'm trying to move anything of value from my archaic old site onto this shiny (and free, woohoo!) new blog. To that end, I'm going to start posting the lyrics and chords to some of my songs. For this inaugural edition, we'll do one of my old favorites.

Streetcorner Song

© 1996 by Jon Gorey

G: 320033
D/F#: 200233
C: x320013
Am: x02210
Bm: 224432
Em: 022000
D: x00232

Intro: G D/F# C G (X2)

Verse 1:
There's a [G] smiling man singing [D/F#] loud as he can
On the [C] corner of the [G] street
His [G] hands are cold and he's [D/F#] growing old
But [C] he still taps his [G] feet.
He's [G] playing a song he's [D/F#] known so long
That it [C] brings him back in [G] time.
He knows [G] some of the words but he's [D/F#] not too sure
So [C] he just makes it [G] rhyme.

[Am] His eyes have [Em] seen the [Bm] hardest [Em] times
[Am] His mother [Em] ran away and [Bm] left him [D] behind
[Am] Still he [Em] knows how to [Bm] make you [Em] smile
[Am] If you [Em] just stop and [Bm] listen for a [D] while

He says, [G] "I've [D/F#] seen it [C] all be[G]fore
[G] Every[D]body always [C] wanting [G] more.
[G] Some people [D/F#] wish their [C] lives [G] away
[G] I'm [D/F#] happy where I [C] am to[G]day."

Verse 2:
A passer-by in a suit and tie
Comes and asks him why he sings
He says, "You got no home and you're all alone
You've barely got anything."
The man just laughs, says,
"What I have is a world of simplicity.
The sun is high and I feel alright
And God'll take care of me.

Don't see no reason for wasting time
Worrying my soul away for another dime
This world around us all can make you want to smile
If you just stop and live it for a while."

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