Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WOL Wednesdays

God, I hate acronyms. Is there anything more soul-sucking than trying to decipher a line of acronym-laden buzzword jargon or a teenager's text message? 

Working in public broadcasting certainly involves using an unfortunate amount of acronyms  — hell, the whole industry begins at TV and FM — but it still (gratefully) doesn't compare to my days in textbook publishing.  {{{shudder}}}

Which brings us to our new theme day. WOL is a publishing speak for a write-on line, like you'd have in a classroom workbook: Jane goes to the ____. 

So from now on Wednesdays will be Write-On Line Day. We'll have quizzes, and mad libs, and lots of fun. Hooray beer! 

Here's your first exercise. Complete these sentences from today's article about Phish's upcoming show at Fenway:

1. The Green Monster is getting ______. 
a) higher    b) scaly     c) greener

2. Phish announced a May 31 concert at Fenway Park on Monday, one of a handful of shows the Vermont ______ added to its summer tour. 
a) corporation      b) ambassador     c) jamband    

3. The Phish foursome reunited last month in Hampton, Va., after nearly five years ____.
a) off      b) sleeping    c) soloing in G# minor     

You probably don't need an answer key. Although, "scaly"? Really? That's pretty lame, guys.

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