Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Before and After Shots = Compelling Bloggery

A couple of weeks ago we tackled the first of our two... let's call them "vintage" rooms. (The other is the kitchen — an epic undertaking by comparison, so we thought we'd start off with the easy one!)

Here's what it looked like before, in all its peeling, stained, wallpapered glory:

After stripping off the wallpaper, the exposed plaster walls gave the room a kind of abandoned Greek island cottage look — don't you think? — which we kind of liked!

After a couple coats of primer and some Ben Moore "Moonlight Yellow," we had a real spare bedroom at last. Honestly, the room wasn't even on our radar during its unfortunate wallpaper days... I rarely remembered it was even there. Now I walk in from time to time just to bask in its sunny glow. (And to huff the last of the paint fumes, obviously.)


In other fixity news, I totally replaced our tenants' kitchen faucet the other night. Shazam!

Anyway, since it's WOL Wednesday, let's do a mad lib, shall we?

Think of:
1. adjective
2. noun
3. adjective
4. adjective
5. noun (plural)
6. noun

Using the original listing for our house...

Open House, Sun 1-3pm: (1. _____) 2-family in Beechwood Knoll section of Wollaston. Fireplaced living rooms, eat-in (2.______), hardwood floors, (3._____) attic, some (4._____) windows, 2-car garage. Lots of (5._____). Home needs (6._____).

Here's how mine came out: Open House, Sun 1-3pm: Cracka-lackin 2-family in Beechwood Knoll section of Wollaston. Fireplaced living rooms, eat-in belly button, hardwood floors, juicy attic, some blue windows, 2-car garage. Lots of emotions. Home needs turkey.

Not too far off, really! What home doesn't need turkey?


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