Thursday, May 28, 2009

May, or Maybe Not

It was cold and raw enough today that we had to fire up the wood stove, even though it was supposed to be on summer vacation. It instantly brought me back to winter — but, mercifully, I hope only for tonight!

This brings us to today's Top Five list:

Top Five Months

5. December
Between the first snowfall (when you're not all cold and jaded and bitter about winter yet), Christmas (and its associated cheer and carols and lights and vacation), New Year's Eve, and NFL playoffs and college bowl games... there's a lot to love.

4. September
As much as I hated going back to school as a kid, come the college years I absolutely yearned for fall. There's the dry, sunny weather, and those first cool nights when you can wear long sleeves and shorts. But, most importantly, it's the presence of life's most profound melancholy: the sad, poetic beauty that emerges wherever beginnings meet ends. The fleeting last days of summer, the nostalgia of leaving an old apartment and the excitement of starting fresh in a new one — it's what any songwriter lives for. 

3. June
Where spring gives way to summer we get the glory of warm days — the longest of the year, too! — free of summer's sweltering, paralyzing heat and humidity. Yeah, I'm a wuss about sweating. And, as you'll recall, my car doesn't have air conditioning.

2. April
Baseball's Opening Day, my birthday, the first legitimate signs of spring after the long, dreary winter, and Marathon Monday make April a sight for sore eyes!

1. October
But really, spring is overrated. It's always raining, or, like today, cold when you're finally getting used to the idea of being warm for more than a day at a time. It makes promises that it doesn't always keep. Summer is lovely, slow, and porch-swing relaxing, but it can also be so hot and intolerably muggy and lousy with mosquitoes. And winter, please — by February I'm likely to find myself crying for no reason. Fall is where it's at, and October is fall: changing colors of the leaves, high school football games, baseball playoffs, apple picking and Halloween hay rides, and crisp, dry, sunny weather. It's the perfect month.

That said, I'm psyched for summer. Sorry stove, I'm ready to be hot for awhile!


  1. I think all my top five months would consist of every season BUT summer. Texas shall kill me. Kill me, I say.

  2. Yikes is Texas still on? For next year? Don't worry... I hear it's a dry heat. Oh, wait, no, that's right - I was thinking of dry HEAVE, from the hotness and sweltering humidity and whatnot. Sorry about that!

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