Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Better Birthday Present

My wife's birthday is today (happy birthday, babe!), and as we were driving in to work this morning, the perfect birthday gift hit me... except, it was a little late for that. 

If I were a more awesome husband, with more (ok maybe some is the word) discretionary income, I would have secretly booked a trip to someplace fabulous for the weekend, sorted it out ahead of time with her coworkers and boss, packed a bag for her, and kept it all hush hush until we hit the exit ramp on I-93 where one lane goes to her office and the other one goes to Logan Airport. And I'd have just veered off toward the airport, giving her a little panic attack about how I finally did it, after all these trips I took the wrong turn and we're going to be late for work and oh my, and then I'd turn to her and say, "We're not going to work today!" 

Wouldn't it be great if I were more awesome?? Alas... I am not. I dropped her off at her office. Y'know, so she can earn the money to take us out to celebrate tonight, since I only have $6 and change in my account 'til payday. (What a deadbeat!) Maybe next year? 

P.S. I'm not a total dirtbag — I got her lots of thoughtful low-budget gifts that went over well. And I'll totally chip in for the tip tonight. :) 

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