Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe the Worst CVS Ever?

There used to be a CompUSA on Market St. in Brighton when I lived in the area, and while it was good to have a giant, cheap, computer/gadget superstore nearby, it also made for the single worst retail customer service experience ever. You couldn't find one helpful employee in there to save your life. (You could find, now and then, an old, strange weirdo guy, who may or may not have worked there, who wasn't helpful at all.) 

Well, since they closed the joint a few years ago, it's just sat there dying like a beached concrete whale, pretty much sucking the will to live out of anyone within 200 yards of the thing. But last week, a construction crew showed up and started ripping up the roof and excavating the parking lot. Now we're talking! They must have finally found a viable business to take over the site — what will it be? A new Whole Foods or Trader Joe's? A decent restaurant or a bar? A Newbury Comics? (For the love of God, maybe an actual T station, please?)

Alas, my hopes were a bit lofty. A post on Universal Hub says it will likely be split into half a CVS, and half something to-be-determined (probably a freaking Walgreens). Actually the other half could be a cell phone store... wouldn't know where to find one of those. (What's with huge cell phone stores? Is that not the biggest waste of commercial space you can imagine? They lease these big, prime retail locations just to line the walls with 30-40 tiny little phones and some accessories.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah — I guess a CVS is better than an empty slab of concrete. (Or like a chemical factory or something! Honestly, who am I to complain?) I just hope they don't hire the same useless clerks from that old CompUSA. 

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