Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last day of work / First night of rock

This Friday will be my last day at WGBH. Next week I'll be working alongside some esteemed friends at TheStreet.com — which means that I will no longer report to Big Bird (that tyrant!), but rather the madman behind "Mad Money," Jim Cramer himself. It should be quite the change of pace — wish me luck!

The night before my last day at work is exciting in its own right. My friend Edgar and I have thrown together an acoustic duo, a little rock n' roll outfit if you will. We're called the Decks. Our debut gig is this Thursday at the best little pub in the world and we'd like to see you there! Here are the details:

Thursday, May 27
Paddy Barry's
1574 Hancock St., Quincy Center (Red Line)
9:30pm / Free!

Honestly we're not even sure if we're getting paid for this gig, we're just doing it for the love of music and a good time. We've got a suitcase full of songs for you, and Paddy's is a little gem of a place, with a proper sound system, a welcoming warmth about it, and friendly bartenders who pour a great pint of the black stuff. (There's no kitchen, but restaurants abound in Quincy Center, and you can bring take-out into the pub with you.)

So come kick off your three-day weekend a little early with us; I promise you'll enjoy yourself. Well, unless you're an old codger who doesn't like fun, friendly people, music, or beer. In that case I don't know what to tell you. Tough luck, Menino!

Hope to see you there!

Legal notes: Big Bird is not really my boss, nor a tyrant for that matter. And while I have nothing against Mayor Menino, it's well-documented that he hates anything fun.

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