Monday, July 12, 2010

I will try not to drip sweat directly on you

Well hey there! It's been awhile, eh? I hope you’re enjoying your summer! And it sure is summer. Around this time last year, after the second rainiest June on record, we were still wondering where the hell summer was. (Just futzing around in 2010, apparently.)

Now, I love the 15-hour days and 75-degree nights of midsummer. But I am a fair-skinned, sweaty fella. (As I type, I am the color of a savory, boiled crustacean, and just as drippy.) I don’t do well in the obscene heat and relentless sunfire. In fact, last summer, just when it finally started to warm up, me and the missus escaped to Ireland -- where we were able to wear sweaters and jeans and drink tea under a murky grey sky. It was glorious. (I believe at one point I said, “Suck it, 95 degrees!”)

All this is to say that a friendly pub and a good pint know no off-season. So if you feel like ducking out of the sun’s scorching rays for a bit this Thursday evening, stop by the Irish Village in Brighton, where my friend Edgar and I – a.k.a. The Decks – will be performing our second-ever show from 6pm-10pm.

Thursday, July 15
The Irish Village
224 Market St., Brighton, MA
6pm-10pm / Free!

Don’t worry, no one expects you to stay all four hours. Goodness, that would be crazy! Just pop in for a pint, a chat, and some music, bask in the breeze of the open windows (or the refreshing chill of the A/C, depending) for a bit, and then slip back out into the summer night’s balmy embrace.

And if you do stay the entire four hours? Well, I'll buy you a beer for your trouble! Really!

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