Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you the spontaneous type?

Or are you more of a planner?

Well, now's your chance to find out. It's like a real-life Cosmo quiz, but without all the mindlessness and tampon ads.

So here's your quiz: Edgar and I, a.k.a. The Decks, are playing Thursday night -- which may be tonight by the time you see this -- back at the Irish Village in Brighton.

Short notice you say? Well, summer is the season for impulse. When an idea strikes you, you can actually do it — because it's not snowing out! And some of life's best experiences are those that present themselves out of nowhere at the last minute. Like a spare ticket to Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, for instance.

(For the record, our show doesn't promise to be anything quite so historic or exhilarating as The Game That Changed My Life. But you might enjoy yourself nevertheless.)

If this just sounds too crazy, too hectic, and poorly thought out, then come see us on Thursday, Sept. 9, at Paddy Barry's in Quincy. You've got plenty of time to make arrangements, choose an outfit, and get properly excited about it. Ahh, isn't that comforting? You can add it to your calendar. Look at that — you've got plans!

Whatever your personality type, I hope you're enjoying the summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Thursday, Aug. 19
The Irish Village
224 Market St., Brighton, MA
7pm-10pm / Free!

Thursday, Sept. 9
Paddy Barry's
1574 Hancock St., Quincy, MA
(Quincy Center Red Line)
9pm-midnight / Free!

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