Singer/songwriter Jon Gorey has performed in bars and cafes all over the world, from Seattle to Stockholm, since 2000, including packed full-band shows in New York City and his hometown of Boston. Some say his 2004 anthem ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ which was played on local radio and at Boston-area bars (including the famous Cask n’ Flagon, where the song was recorded live prior to Opening Day), helped the historically heartbreaking Red Sox win their first World Series title in 86 years.

Jon is a songwriter first and foremost – the charismatic, booming baritone actually came much later. “The whole reason I wanted to learn an instrument as a teenager was just so I could write songs,” he says. “That was all I was really aiming to do.” But once he began performing in subway stations and on city street corners, trying to be heard over screeching trains and the urban din, his trademark powerful voice emerged.

At the same time, a busker was born. “That’s a role I identify with more than any other,” Jon says. “Street performance is where art, travel, and human relationships all intersect. And it’s so honest. There are no microphones or amplifiers to get in the way.”

After a 6-year recording drought, Jon returned to the studio in 2011 with his friend, Universal recording artist Will Dailey, to record six new songs. The result, “The Things You Keep,” proved worth the wait. “This is the first time I’ve truly been proud of how a recording came out. People know me as a pretty modest guy – but I can’t help showing off these songs to everyone!”
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