Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out with the Old

Yesterday I spent a full 12-hour day recording a batch of new songs with out-of-my-league musicians at Q Division -- where rock goddesses such as Kay Hanley have recorded masterpieces -- courtesy of my friend and musical godfather Will Dailey.

I use the term "new" rather loosely, since some of these songs have been kicking around since 2006 -- like the one I played to Gina at our wedding, nearly four (!) years ago. But there are a couple of brand new ones, too -- and, I gotta say, they're sounding damned good!

Cut to the chase, man!
So the point is, I'll have a new 6-song EP coming your way in a few months' time. Maybe more, maybe less -- it all depends on how our kitchen remodeling goes down. When you're 35, leaky sinks don't give a crap about your rock-star dreams!

This also means it's time to clear out some old inventory -- by which I mean the 1,200-some-odd copies of Indeed! stacked up in our basement. You can now buy the CD or download individual tracks at a nice discount from CD Baby, or click the old 'Buy Now' button to your right and I'll send you a copy myself for a measly 5 bucks (including shipping!).

I will of course post some preview tracks once they're ready. For now, feel free to rock out like it's 2004.

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